Directed Reading Program

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What is DRP?

The Indiana University Math Directed Reading Program (DRP) offers enthusiastic, highly-motivated undergraduate math majors the opportunity to learn advanced math topics in a structured, research-like environment. Participants spend a semester on an independent math project under the supervision of a graduate student mentor. Projects often take one of the following forms:


Participants in the Directed Reading Program should be enthusiastic about learning advanced math. The only set prerequisite in terms of coursework is completion of the calculus series. Participants have the following responsibilities:

Past reading projects

Past participants have completed projects on a variety of mathematical topics including:

You can learn more by exploring the full list of past projects.

Below are some links to Directed Reading Programs at other institutions, many of which have extensive lists of past projects.

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Spring 2021 Calendar

For more information, view the Fall 2020 (to be updated) Program Description.